"hands-on" Blockchain Conference

Blockchain technology is gaining more traction as ever more players (corporations, universities, think tanks etc.) start projects to find out how to deploy this fascinating concept in order to support their business – or even turn it inside out altogether.

"If you plan to visit just one Blockchain conference in 2018: Go for the DISTRIBUTE in Hamburg!"

On the 28th and 29th of June 2018 the DISTRIBUTE we will bring many of the most promising players together. The conference will, again, focus on Blockchain applications that are already up and running and projects that have already started, instead of just talk talk.

In order to offer broad insights there will be key players not only from the financial, but also from the legal, the IoT, the logistics and the energy sector. Also, there will be, again, a lot of students and post docs who are working on specific Blockchain topics.

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Speakers 2018

  Dr. Michael Merz - Enerchain

  Max Kordek - Lisk

  Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner - Frankfurt School of Finance

...and many more to come...

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The DISTRIBUTE Blockchain Conference inspired more than 300 attendees this year. Because of the great feedback and the huge demand, the DISTRIBUTE 2018 will stretch over 2 full days. The goal is to cover the most important sectors, such as finance, legal, IoT, logistics and energy. We are awaiting 600 to 800 participants. Please get in touch to learn more about sponsoring opportunities.